Branding & Design Systems
Creating the cohesion and consistency needed to keep your brand as focused as your mission with a systems-based approach to communications design.

Annual Reports & Impact Reports
Producing signature moments with reports that are as much about about articulating your perspective as they are sharing valuable information.

Information Design & Data Visualization
Transforming raw data and information into beautiful content and engaging experiences that focus on facts and make your ideas accessible.

Social Media Design Systems
Rising above the din of the crowd and maintain a relevant presence in people’s social media feeds with a playbook for producing visually-distinctive posts.

Visual Storytelling & Photography
Creating visual narratives to make your social transformation or environmental impact visible to your audience


I start our creative process together by asking questions. I want to understand your mission and goals, your passion, your ideas, and how you make a difference in the world.

We will then identify your core values: what you stand for and your vision for the future. Identifying these values helps us set a a clear foundation and strategy for what we want to accomplish together.

Together, we will bring your story to life through authentic photography and creating your unique visual identity.

I will ensure you feel confident creating a consistent brand and utilizing these assets across all of your channels by providing you with guidance and a practical system for implementation.